fresh truffles

the closest thing u can get 2 eating danger, sex, secrets & mystery.

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malossol caviar

pure, unadulterated sturgeon roe meant to be licked off ur own flesh - or someone else's - & savored.

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  • chefs + restaurants

    we feel privileged to be the truffle+caviar plug for some of the greatest chefs and culinary talents in the industry.

    we passionately believe that the back-of-house teams are the cornerstone of success in the culinary community.

  • bespoke caviar service

    more than just sturgeon roe, caviar at its highest form brings people together to bond over an intimate moment in time.

    we love being at the intersection of creative design, community, and unique artistic eating experiences by providing highly customized caviar bar to your guests and special events.

  • partnerships

    truffle cartel is heavily inspired by creative arts. we are happy to work with you on custom caviar tin labels to highlight your brand in conjunction with ours.